Good trails, good food and good music…

We had a nice evening lounging by the fire beside Lake Chelan. The next morning we decided to head into town to enjoy the Earth Day celebrations, catch up on the internet at the public library and to explore a bit. We noticed that a local coffee house had live music that evening and decided we would check back later.

For the afternoon we drove up to Echo Ridge to check out the hiking/biking trails. The forest service road was fun and it was best when Kristel decided to look at map and not the road (she doesn’t do well on tight corners with shear drop-offs). The truck and camper fared admirably on its first rough road test. We hiked about 5 kilometers along excellent trails and some great views.


We decided to camp in town so we could walk to coffee house. After supper we wandered down and ordered a bottle of local wine (Tsillan Shiraz) which was very good and a large piece of chocolate cake (absolutely sinful). The Kevin Jones Band, all the way from Enumclaw, WA, was playing and were a great surprise. The four piece band did great renditions of a pile of great tunes including Neil Young’s “Helpless” and Little Feats’s “Dixie Chicken” (a personal favorite). As the crowd filled in, we were joined at our table by a couple of lovely ladies from Leavenworth, WA who highly recommended their area for camping. Despite near hurricane winds on our walk back we still both agreed that it had been a great night. If you ever get a chance to hear Kevin’s band, take them in. I am sure you will enjoy them.

The next morning we were up early and back to Echo Ridge for some mountain biking and hiking. We had a great time and when we were back at the truck we got a message from my brother in law who mentioned that he remembered a neat little Bavarian themed village in the mountains not far from where we were called Leavenworth. Well, with two recommendations, how could we resist? We pointed the truck to Leavenworth and headed out.


 We decided we would check out two campgrounds. The first was a commercial one close to town. As we pulled in, we saw a “No Tents” sign which didn’t appeal to us and then saw the rather sterile typical RV Park (paved spaces, no trees) and decided it was not for us. As I started to turn around a lady came running out of the office trying to stop me from going the wrong way. I tried to signal her that I was just turning around but she was looking incredibly angry and by her gestures, she was sure that I was about to drive over everything in her campground. I managed to turn around without incident and it was probably best for both parties that we decided to carry on.

The next possibility was a National Forest Service campground called Eight Mile. It was a beautiful site beside the Icicle River and, although it had minimal services, we were very pleased with it.



We took a little hike, watched some climbers, made a great tuna melt(a secret craving for Kristel) for supper and settled in around a campfire or Smores.




Chester wouldn’t settle in until we brought out his bed and covered him up with my hoodie. I think we have spoiled him rotten!

11 thoughts on “Good trails, good food and good music…

  1. Loretta

    Looking forward to hearing about Leavenworth! Jason had to explain to me that Kristel was scared of Dave driving on the fire road. I thought she was driving and map reading simultaneously and drove the truck off the road when I read that part! Clearly, Jason has more faith in Kristel’s driving abilities than I do.

    1. Kristel

      Haha – no chance of that! Our truck is a standard so (maybe) some time this year I’ll get to the point where I’ll be comfortable driving it on a straight level road…with wide shoulders. As for this road, it was definitely best if I didn’t look out. Full of switchbacks and it felt like we were way too close to the edge. Also, Dave doesn’t seem to appreciate my coaching (i.e. panicking) under these conditions.

  2. Ericka Unterschultz

    Wow! What a lovely place, by the river! No comment on Kristel’s driving, however. Looks like you are having a great time. Wish I could be a little bug in your camper, to share in it.

  3. Melissa

    Brilliant site and postings… this is great!! It is wonderful to see your pictures and hear of your adventures so far (and you thought you would have nothing to write about Kristel?!!). And just to add to the jealousy of your adventure, in case you didn’t already know, the snow has been falling all evening here again… yah for us! 🙂

    1. Kristel

      Hey – thanks for coming by and reading! I have to admit I still get stupidly excited when we get a notification that someone has commented on a post. Definitely motivates us to keep writing. I hope the snow leaves you soon!

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