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6 thoughts on “The Route

  1. Terry

    I see you are close to Leavenworth. When we stopped there in 1997 it was a cute town modeled after a Bavarian burg. People dressed in Dirndls and Lederhosen. You never know, it might be safe from the radiation!

    1. Kristel

      Too funny- we were chatting with some locals last night who also suggested Leavenworth and were thinking of going that way. It must be a sign!

  2. Terrance Prusak

    Hi there my wife and I are going to fly to Panama for a year this july and if we like it we are thinking of driving there next year with our dogs. Is the trip relatively safe? We are from Stony Plain as well.

    1. Dave

      Hi Terrance

      We really enjoyed our trip and felt safe virtually all the time. The road hazards (potholes, animals, topes, etc.) are significant but we probably saw the worst of them as we drove many smaller rural roads. Traffic, especially in and around the larger cities can be a challenge, and you need to be attentive, that said we made it through with our truck and camper unscathed. We avoided driving after dark and generally tried to find secure parking for the truck when in cities. We had an unattended break-in to the cab of our truck in Mexico, but we were careless about where we parked and what we left visible in the cab, and felt it was an incident that could have happened anywhere. There were many police and military checkstops but these were always friendly and non-threatening, except for a couple of rather feeble attempts to illicit a bride in Honduras. We even drove through several vigilante checkstops in Michoacan, Mexico, but again these were friendly encounters. If you would like more information let me know and perhaps we could meet for coffee.


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